Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Stuxnet Worm: Weaponized 'Net?, Part Two

Apparently Stuxnet DID 'weaponize the 'net,' and the target was Iran. Iran is now learning that mutating viruses are very, very, very difficult to control and/or eliminate. They may have to buy a couple of (hundred? thousand?) new computers for their nuclear program.

Hold your sniffles...

Goldman tells us that this isn't the first time....

The first documented large-scale cyber attack produced one of America’s most stunning covert victories of the Cold War. In mid-1982, a Siberian natural gas pumping station exploded with the force of three kilotons of TNT.

Seems that the Russkis stole the software from a Canadian firm. Too bad we knew about the theft in advance and a couple of subroutines were, ........ahhhh.........modified.

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