Friday, September 24, 2010

"Climate Change": More Myths Explode

Ron Johnson will be happy to know this part:

..Over the famous 11-year solar cycle, the sun's brightness varies by just 0.1 per cent. This was seen as too small a change to impinge on the global climate system, so solar effects have generally been left out of climate models. However, the latest research has changed this view, and the next report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), due in 2013, will include solar effects in its models...

By 2013, Rusty Feingold will have PLENTY of free time to absorb the rays meaning of that report.

And happy days are here for the polar bears!

...Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences finds that Arctic sea ice extent at the end of the 20th century was more extensive than most of the past 9000 years...

Greenland farm property now for sale.


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jimspice said...

Isn't it customary to link to quoted articles? I doubt very much you ran across this at the original source (, since the overall findings run somewhat contrary to your point:

"The findings do not suggest - as climate sceptics frequently do - that we can blame the rise of global temperatures since the early 20th century on the sun. 'There are extravagant claims for the effects of the sun on global climate,' says Giles Harrison, an atmospheric physicist at the University of Reading, UK. 'They are not supported.'

Further, IPCC has indeed included solar effects in the past. The referenced article notes additional solar variables to be included in the future. It might be useful to at least take a look-see at the original source material: