Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Think Highly of GWB?

Gregory of Yardale sums it up, while condemning Rove, who deserves every bit of our disdain.

George W. Bush's record on immigration enforcement and border security was ... let me reach for a thesaurus… deplorable, dreadful, execrable, godawful, wretched. Bush's administration literally threw border patrol agents in prison for protecting the border. Mainly, these policies were because Bush was a part of the ruling elite, and as such didn't see any real difference between American citizens and illegal immigrants. Like the left, to them, all of us are people to be ruled over. Even after 9-11, Bush left the southwestern border wide open, and only when he was trying to pass amnesty did he even try to give the appearance of securing the border. And then, he and his administration tried to calculate the minimum level of border enforcement that would mollify the voters.

Perhaps that makes it easier to understand the trouble that (R) "Old Bulls" are having in places like Arizona (McPain), Utah (Bennett), and Florida (Crist.)

There are very damn few powers granted to the Federal Gummint. FIRST on the list is to defend the country.

Is that too much to ask?

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Tim Morrissey said...

And again I say, "Amen".