Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Green Energy Savings"? Not Really

QueenNancy held a presser.... announce new $140,000 "green" lighting in the Rayburn Building House cafeteria reports the new fixtures "will take almost 10 years to pay off in saved energy:"

LED fixtures.

1) In private industry, a payback exceeding 5 years simply won't be approved. It has to be less; in most places it's 2-3 years, and some require a 1-year payback.

Gummint, of course, is different: it's not THEIR money, so who cares?

2) As the AmSpec article makes clear, the fixtures' price dropped from $800/each to $300/each, which brought the 'payback' to <10 years.

How'd that happen?

Easy!! YOU paid for it, sucker!!

Cree, [the manufacturer] which employs roughly 1,900 North Carolinians, received a $39 million Advanced Energy Manufacturing Credit as a part of the Stimulus that Congress passed last year. Senator Hagan supported Cree's effort to obtain this credit, which allowed the company to lower LED lighting costs and begin construction on a new facility in Durham.

Makes the cockles of QueenNancy's heart all warm and cozy.

Back to work, slaves! Pay those taxes!!!

HT: AmSpecBlog

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