Friday, April 16, 2010

It Ain't Just Israel, England, Canada....

Dear Leader is apparently going to invert ALL our foreign policy of the last .....50? More? ....years. Spengler highlights this essay from the WSJ:

Very little was said publicly about U.S. President Barack Obama’s meeting Sunday with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at Blair House in Washington. That’s probably because neither side wants to draw attention to just how strained this important bilateral relationship has become over the past year.

One of the biggest sticking points is how to deal with Afghanistan. The Obama administration has promised to “reconcile” with the Taliban and talks openly about U.S. troop withdrawals, commencing in 2011. Both points deeply disturb New Delhi, whose long history of dealing with terrorism suggests the U.S. approach won’t work. The U.S. has also shunned advance consultations on Afghanistan with its Indian partners.


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