Friday, April 16, 2010

The Vote-Fraud Bill: Why the Dems Want It in Wisconsin

Well, well. It's what we call "facilitating."

Hoping for the best but spending for the worst, national Democrats acknowledged Friday they intend to inject a considerable $50 million this Fall in contested House, Senate and gubernatorial campaigns across the nation.

The assistance–which will consist primarily of money and services dolled out by the Democratic National Committee and the White House’s political operation, Organizing for America–will begin sometime in June, and is intended to foment depressed down-ticket fundraising and voter contact programs in advance of the midterm elections.

First reported by POLITICO and later confirmed by CNN, a senior Democratic operative said the national committee will provide “an unprecedented amount of cash and field, with a special emphasis on base turnout — youth, African-Americans, Latinos and first-time voters.”

"Gubernatorial." "....first-time voters." "unprecedented [money]"

Somehow, that's not a surprise.

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