Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Clinton Missed Bin-Laden


A St. Martin’s Press book set for fall release by Bin Laden’s son Omar and first wife Najwa, “Growing Up Bin Laden,” appears to credibly answer the question of how the Saudi terror kingpin narrowly dodged - by two hours - the Clinton administration’s biggest attempt to assassinate him.

...After a few days at Al Farouk, Osama Bin Laden “received a highly secretive communication” on Aug. 20, Omar writes. The family immediately left Khowst for Kabul - only two hours before the camp was obliterated by 75 cruise missiles.

Wasn't TOO difficult for a Paki to figure out, as we had parked a bunch of the fleet off the coast.

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David B said...

Doubt it was a Paki that figured it out Dad. The time from set to fire on Cruise missile engagements is way less than two hours. The fleet was there long before this call.

If the arrival of the fleet did not trigger an exodus and it takes less than two hours for a launch order for a missile strike to execute then the only reliable answer is someone in the chain of command told either bin laden or the Pakistani government it was coming.

Where I come from, that is treason.

Dad29 said...

Well, maybe.

It's also possible that a Paki learned whassup through radio traffic interception, or maybe a Paki was onboard a US vessel servicing/delivering supplies (whatever) and overheard...

Anonymous said...

Has that that pesky rumor that Albright told the Pakistani's about the attack been completely refuted? Or just the Albright/Berger denials?

David B said...

Dad, Launch orders are "operation immiediates" which are so heavily encrypted that no way would the pakistani government have a chance. Also the system is receptive in other words every "operation immiediate" is transmitted by national command authority so if the Pakis were using the existance of a broadband signal without decryption then they would be calling 15 times a day as the NCA sends a lot of encrypted crap out just to keep that from happening.

Unless the US Navy let a Pakistani into the war room on board the ship there is no way they would have known 2 hours in advance. If it was 15 minutes I would say maybe since that is when external changes on the ship make a launch visible to all. No captian in his right mind would arm systems 2 hours before a launch. imminent launch