Friday, August 21, 2009

Speaking of Moral Problems: Jim Doyle Surfaces!

Oh, yah. Doyle, who claims to be Catholic, may wind up defending a lawsuit.

As Gov. Jim Doyle was telling Wisconsinites on Aug. 17 that he would not seek a third term as governor, the Catholic bishops of Wisconsin were letting the faithful know of their "deep concern" about the recently approved state budget that requires them to provide contraceptive services to those for whom they provide health insurance. "This mandate will compel Catholic dioceses, parishes, and other agencies that buy health insurance to pay for a medical service that Catholic teaching holds to be gravely immoral," the bishops wrote.... "This mandate violates not just our religious values, but also our constitutional rights. The right of conscience established in the Wisconsin Constitution protects the minority from the majority..." the bishops wrote.

There is the usual shilly-shallying for publication:

The bishops wrote that while they are assessing "our options to contest this policy," they will continue to provide health insurance for church workers. Asked if the bishops might challenge the mandate in court, Huebscher said, "It would be premature to say it would lead to litigation."

One suspects that (barring some sort of walk-back from the Capitol) the only question is whether Federal or State court.

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