Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny? Not Exactly: Doyle's Incompetent Gummint

Tim Hawkins does a parody of "Candyman."

TEA Party, anyone?

Hawkins' work focuses on the grand scale; this JS report by Crocker Stephenson tells us about the local corruption. It's all the same, in the end. Power corrupts, you know.

Officials responsible for reporting to the state that a Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare social worker had impregnated a bureau client did not report the incident until Thursday, months later than required by law and only after being contacted by the Journal Sentinel.

...Under state law, the bureau, a part of the state Department of Children and Families, was required to report Nelsen to the Department of Regulation and Licensing within 30 days of his departure.

Doyle's Government will be noted as the worst, ever, in Wisconsin history.


capper said...

The question also needs to be asked:

Where the hell is Senator Alberta Darling? She created this fiasco on the behest of TOMMY!, and has been on the oversight committee since it started. Yet, nothing but crickets from her corner.

She needs to be charged along with the rest of the motley crew.

RAG said...

Let's see...what hath Doyle wrath...

1. Elimination of Wisconsin's truth in sentencing, turning more criminals on the streets earlier.
2. Furloughs, staff reductions and a 75% turnover rate among state prosecutors, impairing the ability to get anyone to prison in the first place.
3. Expunged convictions are now available to FELONS.

Of course, if you keep law enforcement barefoot and pregnant, it won't be able to go after those politicians, you know.

Isn't it amazing how far government has strayed from its core functions?