Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doyle Knifes Walker, Again (And Holloway, Too!)

It's not real hard to despise Doyle for his thievery and fraud--stealing $1Bn++ from the Highway funds comes to mind immediately--and stealing from the State's doctors' patients compensation fund is a close second.

But he continues to do his best to have everyone--absolutely everyone--conclude that he is the quintessential virus.

The state has rejected a bid by Milwaukee County to use a county building to continue to house food, medical and health assistance programs.

The decision could cost the county up to $1.2 million next year, unless the county is able to rent the space to outside vendors, Lisa Jo Marks, interim director of the county's Department of Health and Human Services, said Wednesday...

Not only Walker, whose County will have a shortfall in income---but Holloway, who slapped Doyle on the KRM deal.

Evidently Doyle wants to retire out-of-state, where the taxes will be lower.


capper said...

A) The county could move the Dept. of Aging from the rented Reuss Federal Building and put in one of the open county buildings.

B) I told you about this four months ago.

C) Makes one kind of wish Walker did his job the way he should have. Then we wouldn't have this problem. Imagine what it will cost when President Obama has to bring the feds in to fix what Governor Walker f'ed up royally.

Billiam said...

Of course, Doyle is lilly white, right? Of course, Walker must have nefarious motives for all this, right?

Anonymous said...

"Evidently Doyle wants to retire out-of-state, where the taxes will be lower."

Well, that's a given. I wish he'd go now.

capper said...


I have no loveloss for Doyle. Sometime, let me tell you about Family Care, or how he failed to return foster care to MKE Co., or how he ignored the will of the people by vetoing the sales tax we approved.

As for Walker, you tell me why he failed to fund 25 of the 30 authorized and fully funded slots, and what he did with the money that should have gone to pay for the people getting services.