Friday, August 28, 2009

Gnashing Teeth, Remembering Ron

Folkie goes on a rant about Paul Ryan (R-WI).

In passing, he mentions that Ryan (R-WI) has been in Congress for 10 years.

I'll remind you that Ryan IS a Republican.

He's been elected from WI-1 every time--and WI-1 contains cities like Janesville, Kenosha, and Racine--every one of which has significant UNION population.

Nothing scares a LeftOWacky as much as a Republican who wins Union-members' votes.

Know why?

Reagan (R) did the very same thing.

(And if you are dumb enough to think "it's just Folkie, healthcare blahblah, Folkie's always partisan, blahblah, strictly co-incidence," then you don't understand (D) political strategy.

Matt Flynn is no dummy. He's wrong most of the time, but he's no dummy.

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