Monday, August 31, 2009

Re: Kennedy Eulogies

There's some foofafferie on the intertubes regarding the eulogies given at Kennedy's funeral.

The governing rule is here: (scroll a bit in the combox)

Order of Christian Funerals No. 170: "Following the prayer after communion, the priest goes to a place near the coffin. The assisting ministers carry the censer and holy water, if these are to be used. A member or a friend of the family may speak in remembrance of the deceased befoe the final commendation begins."

Some folks are quoting GIRM which appears to forbid eulogies altogether; in fact, that part of GIRM only prohibits the HOMILIST from giving a eulogy.

Yes, there were a lot of disappointing things about that funeral Mass, including the reading of the Democrat Party platform as "intercessory prayers." But that goes to the weakness of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Boston, folks.

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RAG said...

I agree with Dad. This turned almost into a made for TV event, reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

I've had some basic respect for Ted Kennedy as a true believer liberal. I wouldn't want him to be the designated driver, but at least there was some consistency to his positions and I believe that he really believed them as opposed to just jumping on the bandwagon. (I'm talking about his core issues, not jumping on the Obama death train.)

That said, he was no saint either, political or otherwise. He certainly deserved the respect of his office and for his accomplishments. Michael Jackson II was, IMHO, actually disrespectful. Shame.