Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Effects of Grand-Larceny-Doyle

Obviously, Jimbo's grand larceny of DOT funds will have effects.

Besides the danger of falling-down-ramps and bridges at 894/94/45 intersection, there's this:

Wisconsin’s transportation budget faces the latest in a long line of blows — a $49.1 million budget shortfall for 2009.

The state’s Joint Committee on Finance on Thursday will discuss a Wisconsin Department of Transportation plan to help cope with the shortfall: lapsing $33.3 million in major highway development and state highway rehabilitation money for the next year.

[Montgomery (R) Green Bay]: "This lapse is just the latest on top of $1.2 billion that’s been moved out of the transportation fund for other purposes.”

"Other" is payback to WEAC, the Casinos, and Trial Lawyers.

HT: FoxPolitics

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