Saturday, August 22, 2009


Pretty soon the poor bastard will be reduced to mere babbling and drooling, one hopes.

Obama said illegal immigrants would not be part of the health care overhaul, taxpayers would not be mandated to fund abortions and he does not intend a government takeover of health care — all claims that critics have made at contentious town hall-style meetings with members of Congress. --AP

Full of crap on all three counts. Never thought I'd say it, but thank God for Clinton, who taught all of us how to parse, parse, parse.


Billiam said...

I heard it best put this way; "If there is no language in the Bill specifically denying (fill in the blank), then Congress, especially this one, will find a way to do the action in question." So,while the wording doesn't say that tax$$ will be used for illegals, it also doesn't say that it won't. I believe they call that a loophole.

Dad29 said...

While HR3200 specifies that 'illegals will not be covered,' there is NO/ZERO/ZIP requirement for proof of US citizenship.

Similar, while the bill does not SAY that it will cover elective abortions, there is (deliberately) NO provision PREVENTING that.

Finally, we've all seen the tape of Obama stating clearly--let me be clear on this--as I've said before--that he wants single-payer. Just like QueenNancy and all the rest of the National Socialist/Nazi Health Planners.

Fuck them.

Shoebox said...

Worse, there are numerous places in the bill where "panels" are called for to "determine". This kind of "we'll make it up as we go along" allows scope creep to make this bill be anything the folks in charge at the moment would want it to be.

Peter said...

Obama: Making Clinton and Nixon look honest, making Carter look strong, making George W. Bush look like a genius.