Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama: Cynic, or Ignoramus?

For me, the term "cynic" hardly covers the Obama territory, but the Bishop was trying to be nice.

"Common ground" is a phrase the President Obama and some of his supporters have been using to describe their efforts to work for health care reform. But Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver is taking them to task for abusing the Catholic concept, calling any labeling of the current reform proposals as common ground "a lie."

...No system that allows or helps fund – no matter how subtly or indirectly -- the killing of unborn children, or discrimination against the elderly and persons with special needs, can bill itself as 'common ground,' Archbishop Chaput insists, adding that, "Doing so is a lie."

...the growing misuse of Catholic 'common ground' and 'common good' language in the current health-care debate can only stem from one of two sources: ignorance or cynicism."

ObamaCare--Lies or Cynicism? would be a better blog-post title...

HT: ProEcclesia

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