Friday, August 28, 2009

The Kagen Fakery

Berry has an account of the astroturfed love-in for Kagen and Hansen in Green Bay.


SOME signs are more equal than OTHERS.

SOME 'security' (goons) are ........uhhh.......very visible.

Far more revolting are the actions of the UW-GB police chief. (No surprise. The UW cop-shops are known Statist havens.)

AFSCME and OE can't get more than 400 people to an Obamacare rally......

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Anonymous said...

Let them have their MSM/Dead Tree photo ops.

We know the truth. They lose more and more credibility every single day. At least until Rockefeller gives Dear Leader the authority to shut down the internet.

Remember those cameras folks!

neomom - you know the one on the DHS watch list