Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Immorality Preservation: Planned Parenthood in HR 3200

Guess who'll be teaching your children about sex?

In Title V of H.R. 3200, Subtitle B, called School-Based Health Clinics, outlines a new federal program where the government would fund health clinics near or in the nation's public schools.

However, Section 399Z indicates that school officials won't be responsible for administering the clinics. Instead, that responsibility falls to the clinic sponsor, which could be Planned Parenthood -- the nation's largest abortion business which does more than 350,000 a year...

"The clinics would be funded by federal grants awarded by the Obama administration, which has made it clear that they expect Planned Parenthood to play an active role in their proposed health care system," [Victor Medina] says.

Is this 'health care' or is it "immorality-preservation"?

HT: The Papist, again.


Billiam said...

They'll call it Margaret Sanger's wet dream. The far left can build an altar in front of each facility with a fire so they can burn their sacrifices to Moloch.

Unknown said...

that's awesome, I certainly hope something like that happens. parenthood is a huge responsibility and should not be undertaken by immature kids who made mistakes. but, could you point me to where you found that 350,000/year figure?

Unknown said...

oh nevermind, I see that it's from lifenews.com, which provides no citation. apparently, it's very difficult to get accurate data on this.