Friday, July 08, 2005

Vatican to Whack Pro-Abort "Catholic" Pols

Dave Obey won't concern himself with this, of course---

The Catholic Church has produced a new document for bishops across the world to examine that says Catholics who support legalized abortion should refrain from taking communion because they are out of step with church teachings. The Vatican said pro-abortion Catholics are not taking their faith seriously and those who take communion and support abortion are behaving in a scandalous manner.

As most of us recall, only a couple of Bishops around the country told John Kerry not to bother showing up for Communion during his campaign.

But few recall that it was Bp. Burke (at that time he was in LaCrosse) who really started the controversy by delivering a smackdown letter to Dave Obey and a couple of minor faux-Catholic Wisconsin legislators.

Obey responded through a sophist-attorney and other outlets, basically doing what liars and sophists do: attempting to spray enough smoke into the air to confuse everyone. So we heard that "the Church is 'forcing' me to this/that/whatever."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Dave Obey and a LOT of other Catholic-in-Name-Only (CINO) pols simply want to have it both ways: we all know exactly what 'church' is the one which has abortion as a sacrament (the Church of Murder & Lies: High Priest and Proprietor, Lucifer)--Obey and his pals want to maintain some respectability by pretending to be good Catholics. (One does not get easily re-elected wearing the mark of the Bloody Baptism of Lucifer.)

But the new Pope is not a stranger to the controversy, nor to dropping the hammer.

October's Synod, which will discuss the above-briefed document (88 pages in all) will be a lot of fun to watch. Even MORE fun will be watching certain US Bishops, and the reactions of many CINOs.

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