Saturday, July 09, 2005

Citgo: Enemy of the US

Courtesy of Random 10 ( we learn:

“Looking for an easy way to protest Bush foreign policy week after week? And an easy way to help alleviate global poverty? Buy your gasoline at Citgo stations.

Citgo is a U.S. refining and marketing firm that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venezuela's state-owned oil company. Money you pay to Citgo goes primarily to Venezuela -- not Saudi Arabia or the Middle East."

This "action" is being encouraged by a certain Jeff Cohen, a rad-left type who founded Fairness and Accuracy in Media.

Well, since Venezuela's Commie-lite dictator (c'mon--we all know it's a pretend-democracy) is tight-to-the-butt with Fidel and the ChiComs, I look at Citgo in a whole new way...

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