Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Farrow Slaps Sykes--and Disses TABOR

Margaret Farrow, now in private sector activities (her emphasis) called Sykes to underline the extraordinary "veto" power of ThreeCardMonte.

We understand the situation--without remarking about lawyers (Doyle is one), one is struck by the Governor's apparently legal authority to raise spending by $330 million in a veto.

More interesting, however, was Farrow's deft manipulation. The segment was dedicated to a "Where's Waldo" humor--gently mocking Glen Grothmann for disappearing without a trace while supposedly coming up with TABOR legislation.

More crudely, Grothmann has not delivered the goods--whassamattayou, Glen, was the question.

Farrow jumped in and firmly downplayed TABOR as a matter of importance by mentioning the Doyle magic-spending-veto pen.

Hmmmmmmmm. We've all known that after too many years of Government service, many of our elected officials switch parties, and become members of The Party of Government (PIG is the best acronym, although not literally so.)

Grothmann himself now states that TABOR will be introduced late '05/early '06.

Doesn't explain Margaret, though.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to make excuses for the former Lt. Gov. She has long stopped pretending to be a conservative and gone back to her roots as a village president.

Glenn better produce something. Originally he said it would be ready to go in January of this year.

Anonymous said...

Glen will not produce. He voted for a very bloated budget bill. He saw an opportunity to move up and used TABOR, Milwaukee Talk Radio and CRG to get there. OK - CRG is now negotiating with an alderman accused of felons to get the vote they want. CRGs bargain: We won't recall you if we own your soul or I mean vote. Nothing new here - CRG has no problem with accused felons. They never talk of recalling Scot Jensen. Yet they threaten recall over any minor accusation of someone they can't own. Scot Walker will sink with these CRG guys.

Anonymous said...

is this the same Margaret Farrow that was on the Milwaukee Museum Board and asleep at the switch?

What an embarrassment. And she was a conservative????

Dad29 said...

That's her.

Teacher, then Elm Grove President, then Legislature, then Lieutenant Gov w/Tommy Thompson--

Both CLAIM to be conservatives, both are Members-First-Class of the Party of Government (PIGs)