Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Snotty Blackrobes v. Sensenbrenner

As usual, Jim Sensenbrenner jumps right in--on the right side--and, predictably, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel loads the "news" report with editorial pejoratives.

A drug-runner in Chicago was convicted and the Federal judge did NOT abide by sentencing guidelines, giving the convict only 8+ years instead of the legal-minimum 10. The US Attorney's office in Chicago did not appeal (duhhhhh.)

Sensenbrenner wrote a letter to the Chief Blackrobe/7th Circuit, addressing the question. A copy was sent to the US Attorney General, who is rumored to be a candidate for another position.

The 7th Circuit leaked the letter to the Chicago Tribune, (any guesses as to which High-And-Mighty twerp might have done it?) and the requisite Public Stooges were called for quotations.

A spokesman for Dick (the USArmy is a bunch of Nazis) Durbin called Sensen's letter "part of a serious and disturbing pattern." Some wack job named O'Hear, employed by Marquette's Law School, called the letter "bizarre." And an Ohio State compadre-in-wacko suggested that Sensen should "have better things to do." No one could be found, anywhere in the country, who was supportive of Sensenbrenner. Not one. Anywhere!!!

Apparently reminding the Tin Gods in Black Robes that they, too, are subject to authority will get you a roasting in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

If the Tin Gods in Black Robes cannot read applicable USCode, we would suggest that this is a Serious and Disturbing Pattern--and that their snot-nosed resistance is Bizarre--not to mention a failure to do their duty.

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