Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Charlotte Simmons--Another (Confirming) Look

Yes, I am also a Tom Wolfe fan (even managed to wangle one of his books from some young acquaintances once---likely cost them their entire allowance(s) for a month...) Felt a little guilt, but read the book anyway.

Charlotte Simmons is an absolutely horrifying work, and was carefully undermined by a number of commentators; generally, they subtly dismissed the claims Wolfe made as 'overwrought,' or 'misleading emphasis.'

Maybe, maybe not. An essay from a Loyola College (Baltimore and yes, sadly, Jesuit institution) professor re-inforces Simmons' thesis.

If you have daughters, you can't say you were not warned. Read the essay:

Then weep.


Anonymous said...

To point the finger at the colleges and universities alone is asinine. Instilling morals and values in a person starts in the home with parenting. There are many good students who do not partake in such heinous activities on college campuses and in other social venues because their parents taught them better. For example, not three months ago did I find myself attending a "social event" at a friends house and who should arrive but little girls anywhere from 16 to 18 years old that attend a local suburban high school. In this particular case they were not placed in the venue, but they travelled to it. Where are their loving, and no doubt "concerned" parents??? Needless to say I left. In addition to improper parenting, Holly"weird" certainly plays an integral role in the demoarlization of society as a whole conveying the message to our children and youth that sexual promiscuity is acceptable (see MTV). Not disagreeing with the article at hand, certainly the universities play a part, but parents need to do their part, and teach their children right.

Dad29 said...

Although I don't understand your comment's example very well, your point--that parents should assume some responsibility--is correct.

However, parents do NOT send $25K/year to a "Catholic" college without some expectations--specifically, that the "Catholic" college will act prudently, in loco parentis, to prevent as far as practically possible, promiscuous activity IN COLLEGE DORMITORIES.

This is not real hard to do. Establish and enforce curfews and visiting rules are the immediate "easy" procedures which come to mind. Eliminate "Co-Ed" dormitories, period.

I suppose one can argue that $25K doesn't buy much these days--and evidently that argument has traction.

Anonymous said...

$25k on the other hand will get you a very nice New Miata...

Anonymous said...

I also agree that a college could eliminate coed dormotories, but a curfew??? College students, although students, are still adults, barely but legally, and cannot be held by any conceivable measure of a curfew.

Anonymous said...

Another alternative would be to stop sending tuition checks to delinquent children (see GPA)

Dad29 said...

Yes, a CURFEW.

Believe it or not, only 35 years ago, Marquette University had one AND enforced it at its dorms.

No amount of whiny "I'm an adult" crap changed it--and AFAIC, whining should rate an expulsion.

If the parents whine, send their money back along with Junior or Miss Whine.

FEDEX, all of them.

Dad29 said...

Fooey on the Miata.

I'll take an RX-8 w/6-speed.