Monday, July 11, 2005

McBride v. Wigderson v. Reynolds, et al, and on and...


"Middle of the night" budgeting? Get serious, Jessica. Been done that way for my lifetime, which is at least double yours, (judging from the picture on your blog.) And it took more than Tom Reynolds to move that piece into the puzzle.

Benefits me. Benefits you. Benefits about 124,435 OTHER parents in this State.

As to UW employees taking a hit: yeah. And two of my children will be paying 5% MORE to attend their UW-system school this year. That was middle-of-the-night, too. Where, o where, will they get that money, Jessica? How cruel is their fate.

A LOT of people in this State have taken it on the chops in the last three years--some from private industry, some on the public payroll.

It's the breaks, Jessica. Get over it.

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James Wigderson said...

Wait until you see round two.