Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dump McBrien Movement Grows

Another Diocese pulls the plug on Tricky Richard:

"... Bishop Finn [KC-St. Joseph] said he wants The Catholic Key to be an important component of ongoing diocesan catechesis and evangelization, and an instrument of reconciliation. For that reason, he said, he directed The Key to discontinue Father Richard McBrien's often controversial syndicated column.

"Father McBrien likes to stir the pot," Bishop Finn said. "He approaches things with a certain skepticism and cynicism. You can get that in a lot of places, so go get it somewhere else. "We need clear expressions of the meaning of faith, why we believe and how we can inspire each other," he said. "We've got to give people hope and direction, and we don't have a lot of time and space (in the newspaper) to do that. I think we can do a whole lot better." ...

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Perhaps, someday, Milwaukee will do the same.

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