Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Re-Thinking the French PLUS UPDATE

We've all done it--derided the French for their, ah, recalcitrance about partnering with us in Iraq.

But according to Daniel Pipes, the French have been a sterling ally of the US (and others) in the counter-terrorism effort since 9/11:

In the same article, Pipes also makes clear that the British "PC" problems are inextricably connected to the London terror attack.

And now that it is clear that the homicide bombers were British CITIZENS, the little red flag which was waving in the back of your head since 9/11 should get a lot more attention.

Connect the dots: PC "we should accept all cultures"---Muslim citizens---homicide bombings.

UPDATE: 7/15 news brings us the FACT that French Intelligence ID'd the 4th BritBomber a full day before the Brits did, and that Brit Intel was looking for one of them several months ago, but "missed him" in a series of raids. US Intel had warned the Brits that a 'transportation center' was the next target, based on info obtained from a high-level AlQuaeda captive.

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