Tuesday, July 19, 2005

India at the White House

Drudge notes that the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Singh, was a guest at the White House last night for a frou-frou dinner.

On Singh's agenda (not mentioned by Drudge) was obtaining an agreement that all Social Security taxes paid by Indian H1-B's get sent directly to India. In other words, the employment tax would NOT benefit the US. Hmmmmm.

The White House also invited the President-ess of PepsiCo, Ms. Nooyi--who had publicly insulted the US as 'the middle finger of the world' on May 15th.

Also included were the members of the "India Caucus" (Dick Lugar, Feinstein, and DeLay) and assorted propagandists such as Fred Barnes, a man who has never been concerned with the fine points of the National Interest, but whose hairdresser rates an A+.


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