Sunday, July 17, 2005

Profit from Bombings!!

Farah's G-2 Bulletin tells us that the Pound Sterling dropped 6% in the week immediately PRECEDING 7/7. Anyone who watches the money markets, even at a distance, knows that 6% is a very large number for an established currency, especially since there were no other weakness-inducers on the table.

Farah also reminds us that both United Air and American Air stocks were shorted just before 9/11--with very significant "put" option action, 1,000% of normal.


Osama, or a few of his close, personal friends, evidently was/were a bit "short" on cash.


Random10 said...

According to the Dane County Democratic Party, it was George Bush who planned 9/11 and they are having a protest march in Madison next Saturday to make the point. If you attend this official party function you will find party members willing to believe that Bush and Cheney conspired to manipulate the currency markets, and that Rove placed the orders. After all, if you allow your membership to proclaim at a party sanctioned event that Bush murdered 3000 Americans so that he could invade Iraq, then why wouldn’t you also be willing to believe that Bush is willing to use alternative fund raising techniques?

Dad29 said...

I must have forgotten.


I'll re-shape the post to make it clear--this was all done to 1) make extra RNC bucks and 2) take the attention from Rove.