Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tom Reynolds the Target

Spivak & Bice ran a story today ankle-biting Tom Reynolds for inserting Budget language awarding a refundable State tax credit to parents with home-schooled children or with children in private schools. (

REALLY big money here: $100.00/eligible kid. Whoo-Hah!! Reynolds will get $300.00.

It's been known (and mentioned here) that Reynolds is a target of some "go-along-to-get-along" Pubbie Senators--you know them--the Big-Spender crowd (with Other People's Money, of course.) They hate Reynolds so much that they may even find a primary opponent for him.

Since S&B's story came from inside the Pubbie budget caucus, the only question is which RINO leaked? The one from Appleton who can't seem to keep a Republican majority when he's the majority leader? The moronic bozo who's currently the Senate Pubbie "leader"?

Inquiring minds want to know, S&B...


Dad29 said...

reif--Nice blogsite and thanks for the Mad restaurant recc's--I may use them soon.

Social conservatism is FAR more important than 'fiscal' conservatism, in my book.

Further, TR has been like a rock on the RKBA/CCW issue--

So all in all, "social skills" aside, TR's a good guy.

Ever note how many bills Sensenbrenner's put through Congress in the 185 years he's been there?

Bill-writing and/or pushing just happens to be ANOTHER symptom of the "Legislator-for-Life" syndrome. That particular syndrome, AFAIC, is not unlike other fatal diseases--except Legislators for Life don't die fast enough for me.

I kinda prefer the legislators we had back in my yout'--you know, rode their horse to New York (not DC, yet) and got the hell out of town as fast as possible.

Nowadays, laws generally benefit two classes of people: the accountants/lawyers, and the Other Rent-Seekers (which includes most State bureaucrats and officeholders.)

See what I mean when I say "nasty" in my self-description?

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Schultz is an awful leader. He may even be one of the people working to recruit a candidate to run against Sen. Reynolds, but Reynolds helped put Schultz in that position. Reynolds cast his ballot for him to be the Majority Leader.

Why he voted that way, only he and The Lord knows.