Sunday, July 17, 2005

The F-16 Takes the Cake

The Blue Angels are great--but the F-16 REALLY grabbed my daughter's attention yesterday at the Air Show.

It also presented another method of removing seagulls. When the -16 came in (from the west) over the crowd at slightly over 750MPH, the boom scared the bejabbers out of the 300+ gulls resting on the rocks.


Best segment: the "Muscle Climb," where he starts from about 150MPH slow-cruise, lights it up to the firewall, and climbs straight up about 3 miles. Un-frickin' believable.

The aerobatics shows were also worthwhile--these guys have a LOT of, ah, testosterone.

But nothing's more thrilling than a few good sonic booms.

By the way, parking lots 3-4 blocks west of the show (near Clybourn) were un-attended; parking was free, because their collection machines were inoperative. Heh.


James Wigderson said...

But did the F-16 open fire on the sea gulls?

Dad29 said...

Sadly, no.

Nor did the A-10, which would have been FAR more devastating and fun to watch.

Of course, having 3" shells bouncing around the lakefront post-mortem the gulls might have disturbed the snoozing of Journal-Sentinel editorial Princelings.