Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Order Still Stands, Bloggers----

Recall that a Federal judge ruled that bloggers who engage in political speech are making "in-kind contributions" to the pols they endorse?

The order did NOT go away, although the FEC has decided to take a pass on enforcing it (at this point in time.)

Our own Senator Feingold---whadda guy, hey?

It's been pointed out that Feingold decided to legislate campaign-finance reform only 8 months after a call for "more [political] advertising control" by none other than George Soros. This character Soros just "happened" to organize the pre-eminent 527, cauldron of eddies primarily feeding a strong current of libertinism of all stripes.

Another "co-incidence", (of course)--McShame also set up his Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues, also partially funded by Soros, in 1994.

No evil reek coming from D.C. is complete without the Hildebeeste--HRC herself. In 1995, a commission of HRC pals determined that the Internet was a 'dangerously unregulated medium' and in 1998, HRC declared that there 'must be a "gatekeeper" function' emplaced on the 'net.

FEC commissioners come and go. The Federal judge's order remains, as do McCain-Feingold, Soros, and Hildebeeste. How long will it take for the players to take out NewsMax, Limbaugh, or each and every dissenting blogger? for more documentation.

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