Monday, July 08, 2024

A D.A. Who Doesn't Prosecute?

There are quite a few DA's who don't prosecute.  The ones in LA, SFO/Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philly and Portland,  for example.

But in Waukesha County?

Yup!!  A non-prosecuting prosecutor.  (Gives rise to the question "What do we pay him for?", ain'a?)

...Waukesha County DA candidate Mike Thurston has a much higher non-prosecution percentage than his opponent in the race, Lesli Boese, and that’s held true over time. Since 2022, Thurston’s non-prosecution percentage averaged 21 percent. Boese’s non-prosecution percentage averaged only 1.6 percent, according to records obtained by Wisconsin Right Now through an open records request.

What is a non-prosecution percentage? Police refer charges to the DA’s office, and a prosecutor is assigned to review the case. The non-prosecution percentage is the percentage of those cases that a prosecutor rejects, not choosing to file criminal charges.

However, our open records request shows, Thurston handles twice as many cases...

It's not all on Thurston.  He has 'sensitive crimes,' like rape and domestic violence.  It's well-known that DV victims do not like to push prosecution and rape victims are almost always in a he-said-she-said situation, along with other complications like prior consenting intercourse.  Boese, on the other hand, has drug crimes, which usually have "plain-sight" evidence available.  Makes it a lot easier.

Side-note:  the Elmbrook School Board member who beat the s**t out of her husband and was charged with misdemeanor DV is now being charged with felony DV.  Maybe Thurston heard about WRN's story?  Don't be surprised that Elm Grove and Brookfield elected a wildly-Left wackdoodle to the School Board.  DO be surprised that she's stupid enough to get her charges elevated.

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