Monday, July 08, 2024

Trump-Hate and Its Effect on Trump

 This is not new; we had come to the same conclusion a long time ago.

...If you think back to the end of the Cold War, both parties were set up to prevent an undesirable candidate from winning the nomination. The stakes were too high to risk having a madman with the nuclear codes! Since the Cold War, both parties have tried to select for neo-liberal dullards like Bush and Obama. Look past the superficial and there was not much of a difference between Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Nothing of consequence changed with each “new” president.

That is the main reason the system freaked out over Trump. It was not just that he comes from outside the managerial class, but that he wanted to use the power of the presidency to do things. The people who actually run things were scandalized by the suggestion that an outsider could take the job and make the machine do things they did not want it to do. In other words, the managerial state has been running itself for a long time now and it is what is viewed as normal....

The Deep State had built a very large and very comfortable set of residences within "Justice," "Education," State, and "Homeland Security", not to mention Defense, Ag, the Post Office, Treasury/Fed, and of course, 500+ Congressional offices.  Everybody knew everybody.  Everybody knew everybody's staffers, spouses, and lovers (and had pictures to prove it--just in case).  They intermarried with the "free Press," with the children of other countries' diplomats, and--most important--with Very Large Money Interests.

The comfy-pillow network extended all the way down to state capitols and always included local press and/or RadioMouths such as "Chipmunk Charlie" Sykes, who batted for both sides, depending on where the money flowed.

Now they're faced with a second Trump presidency.

What does that mean to Trump and to us?  


Trump, who does not want to Get Dead, has already promised NOT to reform any.  damn.  thing.  by openly repudiating Heritage's 2025 plan.  It's likely that he will make more concessions to The Blob in the next several months, whether you hear about them or not--and you probably won't.

If he does, you know why:  getting dead is not good.

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Anonymous said...

Then Trump is not committed to draining the swamp. Getting dead in this case is a GREAT thing. He would be considered a martyr.