Saturday, August 05, 2017

WUT?? Paul Ryan on National Security: "Meh"

A very interesting take on the "freedom of the press" thing from Paul Ryan.

“Leaks are concerning because leaks can often compromise national security but that’s the problem of the leaker not the journalist,” Ryan said at an event in Muskego, Wisconsin on Friday afternoon.--quoted at RedState

Oh.  So some Pentagon leaker can send the Army's war-planning documents to CNN and CNN can run a documentary on those plans?

You have a serious problem with morals, Speaker Ryan, if you think that 'freedom of the press' includes the freedom to destroy--or endanger--the safety and security of 300 million Americans.  For that matter, the moral code to which most of us subscribe also prohibits endangering our agents (e.g., spies), too.

Let's put it another way, Paul.  Why--exactly--do you keep armed guards at your residence?  Security?  Safety?  OK, then:  why does any other American deserve LESS security or safety because someone in "The Press" has the ability to destroy it?


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