Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ryan: Not Only a Pansy. A Failure As Leader, Too.

The 'pansy' part is the post immediately beneath this one.

The Failure part?  Right here:

...What has the GOP Congress been doing the last nine months that it hasn’t enacted into law a single one of the 12 annual appropriations bills? The same bills that would provide upwards of $1.1 trillion to run the Pentagon and the domestic agencies.

The answer is simple. They’ve been deliberately burning up the clock in order to force spending measures through as emergency continuing resolutions (CRs) or 11th hour compromises to keep the government open. This has been going on for years.  It is the very reason Washington now stands on the edge of raising the national debt ceiling above $20 trillion.

So we’ve officially entered the kick-the-can season. You can count on Paul Ryan to spin and misdirect in order to obfuscate what’s actually going on. The House Speaker is about to capitulate again to the nation’s fiscal doomsday machine. Expect clever maneuvers designed to hide the truth through yet another election cycle.

That’s exactly what Ryan did back during the 2013 shutdown crisiswhen he negotiated a sell-out deal with ultra-liberal Dem Senator Murray to keep the government open through the 2014 election.
In that case, he agreed with Sen. Murray to bust the sequesters caps by $64 billion over FY2014-2015....

It is true that Ryan (and the pack of losers he leads) will get exactly what THEY want--another term or so, along with fabulous health and pension bennies for themselves and their families--plus a lot of travel and lodging in very nice places.

But that's not what is in the interests of the USA.  Ryan does not give a shit about the US interests, however--and that's what underlies his REAL 'leadership failure.'

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