Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Memo to Wisconsin Leggies on Stupid Budget Items

While Scott Walker has been an overwhelming positive for Wisconsin, there are some proposals which should be ....ahhhh.....mercifully forgotten.

One of them is the proposal to give every single skull-full-of-mush in Wisconsin publick screwels their very own computer.

Here's one excellent reason to ditch that idea:  IT DOES NOT WORK.

...The Maine Learning Technology Initiative was one of the earliest and largest efforts to bridge that divide. Starting in 2002, it provided a laptop to every seventh and eighth grade student in Maine. It now distributes about 66,000 devices annually, including some to teachers, at a total cost of about $11.5 million per year.

But that investment hasn’t provided clear returns. According to NPR, the state’s standardized test scores have not increased in the 15 years since the program started, and state leadership is beginning to reconsider the initiative....

Now, then, if NPR (!!!???!!!) can find a Gummint spending program to be approximately useless, why can't our Legislature do the same??

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