Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Courts, Crosses, Arpaio, Oconomowoc

Think of it this way:  the courts deserve no respect, which is what Arpaio gave them.

Just one sample:

...In his latest letter to the city, [Freedom From Religion lawyer] Jayne said if the city loses a lawsuit, it could be on the hook for a substantial amount of money. He cited a 2014 case in which his organization sued a school board in California for praying at meetings. The board had to pay FFRF about $200,000 in attorney fees. 

Jayne also said FFRF won a lawsuit this summer in Pensacola, Florida, that resulted in the removal of a cross from a public park. 

"The city argued that the cross did not advance religion, but the judge explained that 'the law is the law,' and there is simply no secular justification for displaying a sectarian religious symbol as a permanent fixture ... on city-owned land," Jayne wrote. "The law on this issue is exceedingly clear."...

Rather, it is "exceedingly clear" that the courts are wrong.  We don't have to cite the Addled Justice Kennedy, or "tax-is-penalty-is-tax" Roberts.

We've said it before and we'll say it again:  the courts have demolished the rule of law under which they demand respect and obedience.  Instead, they got Trump and Arpaio--and they might get much more.

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Anonymous said...

.....How else can you explain last week’s irrational decision handed down
by federal district court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos?

An Obama appointee, Ramos is at least consistent.
This was the fifth time she has rejected a voter ID law for