Monday, August 14, 2017

Barnum & Bailey's Charlottesville?

Ticker raises an interesting question; the same one which occurred to me when I read this:

...What if Jason Kessler used to be involved with Occupy Wall Street and was a strong Obama supporter -- right up until, quite-literally to the day, Trump won the election?...

Well, as a matter of fact, Kessler WAS a part of "Occupy" Wall Street.

To me, it marks Kessler as an opportunist.  He's going where the money is.

But Ticker, a far more cynical guy, has another query:

...What if all -- or at least most -- of Charlottesville was manufactured by people operating through paid stooges with the explicit intent of fomenting violence -- or worse?...

Now THAT is an interesting question, indeed.  And it put's Trump's initial remarks into a whole new light, eh?


Anonymous said...

After Charlottesville, it is absolutely impossible to see Civilta Cattolica as anything but an oracle of prophesy for our time. The Spadaro-Figueroa thesis is now a national security platform.

Dad29 said...

Exactly what does that mean, anony? You're being a bit obscure.