Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Long-Term Challenge for Trump and Congress

Just one paragraph from Tonelson should give them impetus.  It won't, of course.  But we tried.

...In recent decades, America has substituted borrowing and spending for saving and producing as its main engines of growth. Now even the unhealthy growth recipe has not only helped trigger a terrifying financial crisis and deep recession. But seven or eight year after those crises were overcome, the spendthrift approach seems close to exhaustion. In sports, those playing a losing game are usually encouraged to change it. How much longer before Americans and their leaders take the hint?

As we note below, "borrow and spend more, more, more" is still the M.O. for those dinks.  Their time-line is simple:  ".....until I get out of Congress and get my pension."

YOUR pension?  That's YOUR problem, taxpaying sucker!

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