Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Problem With Gummint

If only there were just ONE problem with Gummint!!

That said, here's one, mentioned by ZMan

....The credentialism and parochialism of the managerial state produces people barely capable of working on a local school board committee. Their lack of exposure to the realities of the human condition cripples them spiritually. They become ruthless, overgrown adolescents playing dress up as they ascend into positions of authority. 

That brings us back to Berkeley and Charlottesville. If the political class is unable and unwilling to manage the antics of Antifa and Jason Kessler, what are they going to do when smart and resourceful antagonists come along? The morons waving flags and throwing piss-bombs at each other are the easy problem to manage. The hard problem are the well organized guys with goals beyond getting themselves on TV....

Angelo Codevilla was there first.  That was several years ago--and things haven't changed much since then (see, e.g., McYertle and McMaster).  But things will change, one way or the other.

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