Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Support for The Donald From ....of All Places!!

Norm Matloff, who describes himself as a liberal & minorities activist (!!) says what any decent person would say about Trump's commentary.

...What could possibly be wrong with those remarks? In ordinary times, with an ordinary president, that language would be standard and received with approbation. Trump’s “crime,” in the current hysteria, is that he did not explicitly use terms like white supremacist. But wasn’t it implied in the phrase “all that hate stands for”? Has common sense (not to mention decency) gone out the window?...

Yes, Norm, it has.  Right down to the Mayor of the City of Milwaukee, under whose "leadership" the city has become the most-segregated in the entire USA and in which city the black-on-black violence is simply horrendous.  But the Mayor has managed to spend millions of dollars on a choo-choo train which--by the way--will go nowhere NEAR the inner city.

Then Norm goes at it again!!

...People want to take down statues of Robert E. Lee, a man who wrote that slavery is “a moral & political evil,” but retain statues, buildings, street names and so on memorializing slaveholders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the documented racist Woodrow Wilson, the suspected anti-Asian racist Franklin Roosevelt and so on, not to mention the womanizers JFK, MLK and Bill Clinton (Trump too, but he has no statues yet)....

At some point in time, Norm and I might have an animated conversation about "States' rights," which Norm thinks is outmoded.  But ya'know, Lee was not in that war to preserve slavery.

We are going through a period of violent revolution.  It would be nice and neat if the Nazis and Commies met someplace and obliterated each other totally.  But it won't be that nice, nor neat.

Too bad.  This is too great a place to waste, eh?

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