Sunday, August 20, 2017

Is Kessler REALLY a "Former" Obama Activist?

In a piece re-posted at ZeroHedge, we find this snippet:

...In screenshots from a ‘Discord’ chat room moderated by former liberal Obama activist turned white supremacist event organizer Jason Kessler (username ‘MadDimension’),...

Why does anyone think that this guy is a "former" Obama 'activist'?  Because he is sowing discord and fomenting riots & chaos for 'the other guys'?

Riots, Chaos, and Discord are the titles of the first three chapters in the Obama/Alinsky/Clinton handbook.  McAuliffe not only read that book, he is another practitioner, just like Robert Creamer and his wife Schakowsky of Chicago.  The cops fell back on McAuliffe's tacit orders, ya'know.

Don't fall for it, friends.  Scum seeks its own level, just like water, and we're seeing lots of it, false-flags and all.  Read the whole piece at ZeroHedge.


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