Thursday, August 03, 2017

McMaster/Rice: Ain't That *Special*??

Bestest forever friends.  One was dedicated to a Communist executive, the other likes mullahs.

That's our Ruling Class!! 

I told you that abortion would have consequences for the country.


Anonymous said... McMaster does not like Israel. I'm Okay with that. Good Judgement.

I'm not so sure its a good idea with giving Susan Rice security clearance.
Not such Good Judgement.

Soldiers always try to be neutral like the Swiss as they realize they have to work with both Republicans and Democrats as the election winds blow....... McMaster is acting like a Soldier, and the Jews have their knives out for him.

McMaster has the knife out for AIPAC'S creature Adam Lovinger by denying security clearance. Again, Good Judgement.

Do a search for the terms "Caroline B Glick" "Aipac"
Tell me how many Jewish organisation pop up?
Think maybe Susan has a Jewish Tribal bias against McMaster?


Anonymous said...

and McMaster is a Soldier's Soldier


Dad29 said...

If I wanted to actually WORK, I wouldn't run this blog.