Monday, October 10, 2016

WI GOP "Forward Agenda": The Usual, and One Klinker

The Wisconsin GOP has put forth a 30 page PDF of their agenda.

Tax reform, check. 

Sales tax holiday.  What BS.

Lotsa smoke, mirrors, and foofoodust about "transportation."  Vos still wants to raise gas-tax and/or registration fees, Walker doesn't.  Get the popcorn.  (By the way, that 3-lane area on I-94?  Terrible traffic problem.  Was forced to hold speed down to 79 MPH through the horrible jams.  /off sarcasm)

Cut red tape, reform administrative rules--only 73% of the AdminCode left to go, check.

Improve veteran's services, "fight" FedGov over-reach, check.  (Good luck with that, boys and girls.  Either Presidential nominee is a hard-left Statist.)

Promote trade, optimize exports, check.

Study Dep't of Public Instruction, kill off bloodsuckers doing what individual school districts should do, check.

Support Choice, encourage STEM, check.


Give every HS freshman their very own laptop or tablet.

Are you serious?  The Little Darlings cannot make it through HS without their very own computer?  Ours had to come up with an HP calculator (price:  $85.00++) on their own (or parents') dime.


And by the way, since you are in effect handing out libraries--are you going to buy back all those books?  Require Districts to make the libraries into classroom space?   Get rid of the school librarians?

Moving on...

Offer additional training for 'urban environment' teachers.  (Such as pistolcraft, blade-fighting, karate, and free flak-jackets?)

Time-to-degree/degree completion, check.  (Won't happen because UW System admits anyone, no matter if they can read, write, or add/subtract.)  Want a better idea?  Close 3 UW campuses and restrict admissions to "top 20%" ACT grades--and anyone from another State who pays full-boat.

Moving on, again....

Fight crime, strengthen families, fight Alzheimers, get more medical professionals, check check check check.

Protect the environment, reduce welfare fraud, stop heroin/opioid, yadayada, check, check, check.

That's a lot of "doing" for a single session.  Nice goals!

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