Thursday, October 20, 2016

"The Russians, The Russians!!" So What? (UPDATED)

Some radio-pundits seem to think that when "the Russians!!!" penetrate email accounts and release the information to the US public, that's a......terrible....awful....horrible.........NASTY.....thing.  The fact that the information helps Trump (at this time) seems to be more important than the actual content of the materials.  Hmmmm.

Let's get a little further into this thing.

First off, it seems that US Government sources---all controlled by Obama, we remind you--are the 'reliable' sources which pin the tail on the Russkis.  That includes the FBI's "reliable" Mr. Comey.  (Nuff said).  The revelations (at present) point to an utterly corrupt, totally self-serving (D) candidate, who happens to be Obama's favored successor.  In fact, they underline and support the contentions that Hillary is exactly that.

One radio pundit makes the irrelevant point that 'Trump invited the Russians to do this.'  As though the Russians would NEVER have thought of it before that.  Right-o!  (The Chinese Communists are laughing uncontrollably.  There's a reason:  with a Hillary presidency, the ChiComs win, the Russkis lose.  And if you're fool enough to think that the ChiComs don't have this--and all sorts of other goodies--you need a long rest in a padded room.)

Finally:  I don't give a damn where the information came from, IF the information is valid.  Just as in the case of Project Veritas, we note that there are no flat-out, documented DENIALS of the case presented.

So.  What's the harm, other than to HRC?

And why is THAT worthy of denunciation?

Some radio-pundits used to say that 'the answer to flawed speech is MORE speech.'  Have things changed?

UPDATE:  Denninger absolutely destroys the "Russians" bullshit.  While it could have been the Russkis, it could also have been a bored high-school kid.

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