Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HRC's Server Was On the Cloud (!!?)

If true, this should be the basis for a criminal indictment of the Hildebeeste.  Not that it will happen; the Department of Selective Justice will never, ever, prosecute a high ranking Democrat for any criminal activity.  Never.

Someone claiming to be associated or affiliated with Anonymous has, it appears, discovered that at least one of Hillary's "private-cum-private" servers is on a public cloud....

Aaaaannnnd, the update:

 ...Update: That was fast -- Anon now claims in a Twitter post that the server has been penetrated and imaged.  Here it comes Hillary; this is what you get for hiring incompetent people who do blatantly-stupid things....

So.  Will "Anonymous" release all those Top Secret/Compartmentalized emails that the old bitch sent--illegally?  Or will we only learn what size dress the brat-daughter wears for her wedding?

Curious minds want to know.

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