Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Krauthammer: Wrong

Krauthammer, an Establishment guy if there ever was one, read the line provided for him by the Clinton mob.  They came up with it after Trump said he'd prosecute Hildebeeste for her blatant violation of Federal law relating to her use of a private email account to transmit Top Secret/Compartmentalized information.

..."That's banana republic," said Charles Krauthammer....

With all due respect, Charles, screw yourself.  That old bitch should really be shot at dawn for treason--except treason requires intent, which will be difficult to prove.

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Anonymous said...

Krauthhammer is a NEOCON

Krauthhammer AKA Bomberboy

Krauthhammer aka A Learned Elder of Wye

Those three posts tell me all I need to know.

I will not click on anything he publishes, as I do not want him or his message.
A click is a vote for this man. His influence needs to diminish and go away.
Never ever click on one of his writings.

If enough people dump him, so will his influence.