Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Podesta's Stooges

We've had John Podesta on the radar since he was in the Clinton administration yammering loudly about being "Catholic."

As it turns out, Podesta has his very own faith and he intends to implement that through a few front-groups.  (However, he was baptized into the Catholic Church, so there's that.)

One of them is "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good."  Board members there include James Zogby (Zogby Polling), Alfred Rotondaro, (no actual jobs in his background), Benjamin Palumbo, a well-traveled political hack, and James Salt, another political hack.  Staffers are found on another page of the website--the usual bunch of Beltway hangers-on, 'reporters', and propaganda pushers/manufacturers.

The other outfit is "Catholics United" which does not appear to have a webpage.  James Salt shows up again as one of the two principals, and a "community organizer" named Chris Korzen is the other name.  This organization specializes in lying like Hell about ObozoCare.

It is a spiritual work of mercy to pray for Podesta's re-conversion to the Catholic faith.

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