Monday, October 17, 2016

So, Charlie Sykes, Riddle Me This....

Charlie doesn't like David Clarke's rhetoric.

OK.  I'm not a fan, either.

So Charlie:  reconcile your prim distaste with the evidence shown at the post below.

Just exactly WHO is starting the riots, Charlie?  What's "unacceptable," or--as your MSNBC host-ette phrased it, "unconscionable"??


(Well, then, how about this, Charlie:  will MSNBC run that clip from Veritas?

Will they??  You know, and I know, they will not.)

Look, Charlie (and all the rest of you who sniff at Clarke):  Clarke's rhetoric is over the top, but his frustration--which gave birth to the rhetoric--is shared by a lot of people, and not just Trump people.

Boys in the girls' rooms?  Queer marriage?  ObozoCare is a tax-fee-tax--fee--whatever?  Refugees, and we don't know their real names?  The collapse of US manufacturing with the bail-outs of banks and the auto industry?  Shall we get into the collapse of right order that we see in the schools and cities?  Shall we??

Puh    Leeze.

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