Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why Breitbart Loves Trump

Interesting little side-note here, which may portend a lot in a Trump Administration.

...Trump is not responding to attacks by ignoring them in favor of continuing a theatrical script other people, people on the professional production crew, hand him. He is fighting back, and against specifics. And contrary to the standard political approach, he is not pretending to fight for his supporters. Instead, and as his supporters understand, he is fighting with them -- because they have all been, and continue to be, targets....

You may recall one of Breitbart's famous dictums:  "Fuck You!!  WAR!!"

Birds, feathers, etc.

That's not all bad, ya'know.  If RoJo--or Paul Ryan--or even Sensenbrenner--had decided to fight rather than to roll over, an 'establishment' candidate might be the nominee.  But they did not.  They decided that comity was more important than their voters.  And here we are.  The castrati:  McConnell, Boehner, McCarthy, and all those neo-con scribbler-twits are sidelined. 

They deserve it.

It's particularly instructive to see where RoJo is:  he's likely to win, but he's had a helluva scare against a Complete Asshole who RoJo crushed last time around. 

Why?  Because RoJo did not fight, as he had promised.  He rolled over.

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