Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New "How to Hire a Cop" Guidelines!!

The now-notorious Federal Department of Justice-for-Some has emitted new guidelines for hiring local cops.  The guidelines fit very well with "hiring Democrat voters", by the way.

...Researchers and practitioners have also highlighted that the use of criminal background checks, which are a regular part of the screening process for many agencies, is likely to disproportionately impact racial minority applicants since, for a variety of reasons [actually, for one reason: they commit more crime], individuals from those communities are more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system.... (NB:  editorial clarification from our source, Moonbattery)

It gets better!!

...Allowing work-authorized non-U.S. citizens to work in state and local law enforcement, particularly in jurisdictions with large immigrant populations, can enable agencies to more closely represent the diversity of their community. Especially as agencies work to serve communities with a large percentage of limited English proficient (LEP) residents, excluding officers who are not U.S. citizens may significantly limit the number of applicants who speak languages other than English....

Can't wait to see how Ed Flynn implements those suggestions.

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